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The price below — is the cost of 1 car covered entirely with the Line-X XS330 coating (frame, body, suspension) and assembled on stainless steel fasteners.
Engine conversion and further proposed packages are for an additional cost, which will be automatically added when it is selected .
If you already have a Hummer H1 and you want to
transform it to RAMSMOBILE then click here:

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RAMS style door solution which was developed for those who goes crazy about absolute military style but still want to stay in comfort inside his car. Our doors have exterior x-doors look and civilian version internal panel ... RAMS style X-DOORS have power windows, door lining constricted with alcantara or Arpateck materials to your choice, 8 stainless steel external hinges and stainless steel frames following the contours of the window glasses. Like the original HMMWV (M998) X-DOOR, our Kit is made of composite materials (fiberglass or carbonfiber to your choice) and is rust free and weighs much less than standart Hummer h1 steel door.

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In our company we offer 6 ways to make your Hummer faster, quieter and more reliable.

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To your choice we have 2 types of suspension kits for you.
If you are a crazy offroader and you never miss a chance to overcome the obstacle for sure you will need this package:
To make your dashboard look luxury and modern we can offer to you different ways:
If you used to live in places where you need to stay in warm in your car then for sure you will need this package:

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